Are you thinking of retiring but need extra income? A good business that you can run from home with little

investment is Affiliate Marketing. If you’re a boomer like me, you’re definitely concerned about your

income lasting for your retirement years. Many baby boomers are starting businesses, but are

encountering the harsh reality of business startups. Product creation, product delivery, target marketing,

legal issues, shopping carts, customer service, returns, and on and on. There is a business model that

eliminates most of these issues. It’s called Affiliate marketing.
So, what is Affiliate marketing? Basically it’s marketing someone else’s product(s). Doing this online is the

ideal way for a boomer wanting to work from home. I recommend beginning by searching for products

you have an interest in, or have experience using. The more passion you have for the product or genre of

products the more successful you will be in passionately promoting the products online. In my next blog

post, I will go into more detail how to search and find the products and their affiliate programs.
But before you sign up for an affiliate program, make a list of your interests. What are you passionate

about? Do you spend a lot of time online and if so, what are you doing mainly online? There may be a

product there, that you can promote.
More to come in Part 2.

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